Bringing your brand to life

Crane Media design and create 3D apps that enable you to engage, educate and entertain your audience.

We build stunning 3D Apps for both ios and android devices with cutting edge technology employing 3D animation, augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile gaming technology.

Crane Media  believe in creating apps that allow users to learn and play with their beloved ever evolving mobile devices, we love finding great applications for Augmented Reality however we define ourselves by only applying the technology when it lends itself to a valuable experience.

We are inspired by AR apps that involve the physical world as much as we are with ones that can exist without it. Inspiring imagination is central to all that we do, we create apps that empower creative intelligence through play.

Our Apps allow you to make mini-movies or dioramas, only in the world of Crane Media you’re the director! Imagine bringing activity books to life, create your set then point your smartphone at it and watch it come to life with stunning 3D graphics and effects!

This concept can be applied to activity books, magazines, multi-part collectables like trading cards and sticker books.

Welcome to the world of 3D where real joy exists! Please get in touch if you are passionate about creating interactive apps that help both children and adults learn and play.





Some Other clients
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